Ready cut shim (Motor Shim)

Sachin shim is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of finest quality pre-cut shims in Mumbai – India.

Ready cut shim Shims and shim stock are products used to fill in a space between two mating surfaces or components.

Ready cut Shims made of selected materials suitable for use as shims. The thickness of all shims is controlled to be as close as specified; with high hardness and springiness to reduce any possibilities of thickness change in use.

These are made from Die punch process or fibER laser cut and are burr free/flat. Each shim is individually numbered for thickness, hence identifying them while doing alignment is accurate and fast

Buy comprehensive variety of pre-cut shims with discounted price, customized size. Order small or large quantities.

Price and quality of our pre-cut shims can be compare to other player of market.

Ready cut shim stainless steel shims to support different sizes of screws during machinery installation.

Ready cut shim allow us to start aligning instantly out of the package. No more wasting time cutting your own shims. All pieces are clearly laser marked of the shim thickness. Ready cut shim made from high quality stainless steel long life and corrosive prevention and we also provide in different material as per customer requirement. Higher hardness than regular stainless steel in the market. Can support heavy load while retaining its thickness.

Ready cut shims/Motor Shim are available in ten different dimensions and in ten different thicknesses.

SL NO. A B C   D
1 40 40 24 12
2 50 50 30 15
3 75  75 46 20
4 100 100 52 27
5 130 130 81 30
6 175 150 100 33
7 250 200 145 36
8 300 250 240 40
9 350 300 275 46
10 400 350 325 52

Easy to use without additional trimming.

With clearly specified thickness on all plates.

 Made of high quality stainless steel.

With high hardness, reduce change during use.

Sale in pack size of 10 pieces.

To support/bear works.

To insert for gap width measurement.

To bear a foundation for aligning power axle levels.

To cut into shapes for supporting wear failures.