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Bushes, also known as bushings, are vital components in machinery and mechanical systems. These cylindrical or tubular components serve a crucial role in reducing friction and wear between moving parts. Bushes are typically inserted into housing units, allowing shafts or axles to rotate smoothly within them. They come in various materials and designs to accommodate different applications and environmental conditions, making them indispensable for ensuring the efficient operation and longevity of various mechanical systems. Explore the world of bushes and their diverse applications for improved machinery performance and reliability.

This is a bearing material in which aluminum alloy and copper alloy comprise a two- or three-layer structure with a steel backing. This structure, whose mechanical strength is high, can be used under lubricated conditions and high-speed/high-load operation. It can be made from a variety of different materials, depending on the application, use conditions and lubrication.

Load capability can be improved by oil holes, grooves, etc., depending on lubrication conditions. In some cases, a dry bearing can also be used under lubricated conditions.

We are humbled to declare ourselves as the manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Metal Bushes. The offered industrial bushes are unique thrust bearing surfaces that are capable of bearing the heavy thrust and pressure of rotors. Our offered industrial bushes are versatile in their thrust bearing capacity.

  • The offered industrial bushes are commonly used in all major industrial rotor applications.
  • • Ideal thrust bearers.
  • • Hard and heavy.
  • • Substantially imperishable

Sachin shim is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of the finest quality bushes in Mumbai – India.

Gain insights into our meticulous manufacturing process, where we craft Bushes with unmatched precision and attention to detail.

Quality is the cornerstone of our products. Learn how we maintain the highest standards to ensure the success of your projects. Excellence is our commitment.

Discover how our Bushes serve a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing. We are the trusted choice for your bushing requirements.

We take immense pride in being your preferred partner. Explore the compelling reasons to choose SachinShim for your Bushes needs, including our dedication to delivering reliable and precision-engineered solutions. Your success is our top priority.


We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 International Standards for Quality Management. Our products comply with API, ISO, DIN, BS, IS, AGMA standards and provides ATEX certification.

bush shim manufacturers


bush shim manufacturers


Bush shim manufacturers


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